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Username Lionheart
Joined Jun 20, 2011
Interests NTM
Occupation Stalker, Part-time Troll and Brony
Biography I love watching NTM. ANTM, AusNTM, CanadaNTM, GermanyNTM and NZNTM! NZNTM is really good, best casts ever! Well, the photoshoots suck, but casts are always the best!

C1: Christobelle, Rebecca-Rose and Ajoh!!! Oh, I liked Laura also. And Teryl-Leigh and Hosanna (yes, I like both).

C2: DANIELLE, DANIELLE AND DANIELLE! DANIELLE IS FLAWLESS. Loved Courtenay too, she should've been runner-up, only losing to DANIELLE! Liked Michaela, Elza (Nellie not so much), Eva (even though she was boring I like her), Aafreen, Lara and Holly (even though she sucks I like her).

C3: Not as good as C1 and C2, but loved AJ (even though she was either hit or miss), Izzy (UNCLE BULLY!) Arihana, Rosanagh (boring though), Bianca (annoying but liked her), Hillary and Tyne. But of course my most favorite this cycle is the most robbed ever YANNA! Brigette, Amber and Briana suck!

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02/18/12 at 14:56FARMERS? I can't believe it.